Online web programming courses on Python and Django


What can possibly be better than having a cup of tea or coffee while wearing your favorite pyjamas and sitting in your favorite armchair with a laptop? Only studying web development on Python & Django with Alexey Radchenko! 9-weeks long course allows even newbies to grasp the basics and advanced techniques of web development. PyBursa team guarantees – it will be fun and interesting!


Alexey Radchenko is one of Python evangelists, lecturer with vast experience and just a nice, friendly person. He explains the course topics in details, but in a very interesting manner, with precise examples.
Python is one of the most popular coding languages nowadays, it is easy to comprehend and use. 70% of course time is devoted to coding and working with developer tools. Our automated homework checking system both grades the tasks and helps correct the mistakes. In addition to that, there are weekly webinars, where Alexey answers all course-related questions live. The project composed of your homeworks will form the basis of your future portfolio.

Stop procrastinating! Begin studying Python easy and with comfort!