мітап для HR

New event for HR – 19:15

Room 404, Otakar Yarosh 18, Kharkov

Meetup 19:15 for HR: Happiness is necessary

We will become happier, listen to cool speakers, pump the atmosphere, chat with colleagues, relax, drink wine and let the whole world wait;)

March 5, 2020, in Room 404, will start a new event for HR – 19:15. The theme of the first meeting – “Happiness is necessary” – we will become happier, listen to cool speakers, pump the atmosphere, communicate with colleagues, relax, drink wine and let the whole world wait;)
19:15 is a place where you can not only develop your skills and make new connections but also… relax after a hard week. HR manager is the one who takes care of everyone, so we decided that it was time to take care of you.

You’ll find:
wine and snacks;
cool speakers;
and more wine;)

For whom: For all HRs in IT who care about their employees but often forget about themselves: HR Generalist, HR Director, HR Specialist, People Partner, HR Business Partner.

Iryna Sidorchuk – HR with more than 10 years of experience in building HR systems, co-author of the Job bot project and winner in the nomination “Capital HR Brand”, author of the book “69 and 9 ideas for making employees happy”.
Svitlana Isaenko – the rockstar of Ukrainian psychiatry, has 8 years of experience in a psychiatric hospital, the author of the online course “Laboratory of Happy People” and the marathon “Dealer of Happiness”.

Moderator: Volodymyr Fedak – CEO&Founder Hurma System – the first Ukrainian national automation system of HR, recruitment and OKR.

What is a happy psychological climate:
How to create a “happy” psychological climate in a team?
How to investigate the level of employee happiness?
10 trend cases to create a “happy” psychological climate.
Toxic employees, how to identify them and what to do with them?
Why are toxic employees hard to change?
10 basic rules for working with demotivated and burned-out employees.
Professional burnout and how to become happy forever:
How to get rid of the convictions that have been imposed on us since childhood?
Harmony with yourself and the world around you – myth or reality?
Who are ponies and horses and what is the difference between them?
Where to look for life’s motivation?
What does it mean to be a person at “9 cows”?
How to unleash the inner potential?

Event partners: Hurma System
Participation fee: 450 UAH.
Time and place: March 5, 2020, registration from 18:30 to 19:00, start at 19:00, Room 404, Otakar Yarosh 18, Kharkov
Website for registration: https://1915.com.ua/

Rules :

The first meetup rule: the entrance closes at exactly 19:15.
The second meetup rule: if you come after 19:15, see the first rule.
The third meetup rule: entrance is only allowed to those who have registered in advance.
The fourth meetup rule: the number of seats is limited, so we reserve the right to refuse to pre-register you.
The fifth meetup rule: leave your problems behind the threshold of 19:15 and rest.