.NET DeveloperDays

EXPO XXI, Warsaw, 12-14 Prądzyńskiego St, Warsaw, Poland
For cluster participants
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Programmers, architects and professionals using the .NET platform will meet for the fifth time in the Warsaw EXPO XXI Centre.


The most outstanding IT experts, as many as four parallel thematic paths and four propositions of all-day pre-cons. This is what awaits the participants of the .NET DeveloperDays – the largest conference devoted to the .NET platform in the whole Central and Eastern Europe.


What’s new in the conference program

For nearly five years, experts and programmers from all over the world have attended the .NET DeveloperDays Conference. Year by year, the organisers improve the quality of the event and propose new solutions to increase the popularity of the conference. We will have several such novelties this year. It will be the first time, that the sessions will be held in 4 rooms simultaneously. Another novelty is the organized zone of experts, where each of the conference participants will have a chance to personally talk to the invited specialists and ask about any issues they are interested in.


What experts will attend the conference?

The substantive quality of the event will traditionally be ensured by experts. More than 20 speakers from all over the world will share their expertise. The organizers have already disclosed the names of some of them.

Among the stars of the conference will be Scott Hunter – Director of Program Management at Microsoft. He works regularly on NET Core, ASP.NET, Entity Framework and Visual Studio .NET tools. Next person that will appear is Tim Huckaby, considered by the press to be the “pioneer of the Smart Client revolution”. Huckaby deals with issues related to: AI, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AR/MR, & Emerging User Experiences. In the course of 35 years when he worked for Microsoft, he cooperated, among others, with Bill Gates and Steven Ballmer.
Also, Gill Clereen (Microsoft Regional Director, Visual Studio MVP), who works on a daily basis on the development of networks and mobile devices, will appear on stage once again. Moreover, he organizes video courses on the Pluralsight platform in the field of Xamarin technology. During the .NET DeveloperDays he will be the one who will give the lecture on this subject.


The following will also appear: Wouter de Kort, Jiri Cincura, Michael Kaufmann, Christophe Nasarre and Alex Thissen.


Not just a conference

As part of .NET DeveloperDays also day-long training sessions will be organised. 17 September Sasha Goldshtein, Daniel Marbach, Neal Ford and Shawn Wildermuth will conduct their own classes on issues in which they are renowned specialists. What is important, there is separate enrolment for the workshop part, and it is subject to availability.

At the end of the first day of the conference an orientation party is planned for all participants.

All speeches during the event will be in English. The registration form and all information are available at the following website address. You can follow the news on the facebook profile of the Conference.


The event is organized by DATA MASTER, also responsible for Cloud DeveloperDays and Join! The Database Conference.