Multithreading and concurrency in modern С plus plus

SoftServe Kharkiv (ул. Сумская 10, 7 этаж)
For cluster participants
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SoftServe inviting you to participate in 2-days workshop dedicated to C++: Multithreading and concurrency in modern С plus plus


Date: 17.05-18.05
Time: 18:00-21:00

Locations: SoftServe Kharkiv (Sumska street 10, 7 floor)
First day – theoretical part by Timur Losev, second – practical by Dmytro Kryvoshapkin.
During event our experts will talk about:
1. Windows Concurrency
2. Libraries and modern approaches;
3. Asynchronous Agents Library, Parallel Patterns Library, Grand Central Dispatcher library, etc.;
3. Task Based programming approach;

Quantity of participants is limited.

This event will be most interesting for C++ developers of Intermediate+ level.


More about the event can be found here