MS TechTalk от GlobalLogic

Location, Blagoveschenskaya St. 1

GlobalLogic invites you to MS TechTalk by GlobalLogic in Kharkiv, which will cover the following topics: Market Trends in Microsoft Azure, Interactive Data Visualization Microsoft Power BI and Azure Cosmos DB.

Participation in this event will help .Net engineers and other specialists enhance their expertise. The talks will address the newest trends in Microsoft technologies and provide insights on practical use of Microsoft novelties.

Place: Fabrika.Space (Kharkiv, 1 Blagovishchenska st.)
Time: June 13 (Tuesday), 18:00—21:00.
The attendance is free but preliminary registration is required.

18:00-18:30 — Registration and welcome coffee
18:30-18:40 — Welcome speech by Dmytro Kuiavets
18:40-19:20 — Andriy Gnennyi — “Market Trends in Microsoft Azure”
19:20-20:00 — Andriy Gorda — “Azure Cosmos DB: Possibilities, Practical Experience and Optimization”
20:00-20:40 — Andrii Antilikatorov — “Power BI: Tips & Tricks”
20:40-21:00 — Networking

Speakers and talks:

1) Andriy Gnennyi “Market Trends in Microsoft Azure”

Andriy will provide an overview of the main trends in Microsoft Azure and some interesting areas of development of this cloud platform. You will find out why and how Azure started to grow fast, what the market currently needs, what solutions Microsoft brings in and how these solutions will affect development approaches in the future.

2) Andriy Gorda “Azure Cosmos DB: Possibilities, Practical Experience and Optimization”

Andriy Gorda’s talk will be devoted to features, tasks and solutions in Azure Cosmos DB. Andriy will share his practical experience in development and optimization of a system based on this service. He will also share some interesting news on Cosmos DB which he learnt at a recent Microsoft Build 2017 conference (Seattle, WA).

3) Andrii Antilikatorov “Power BI: Tips & Tricks”

Power BI is a business analysis service by Microsoft which provides interactive visualization and self-service features for business. Andrii will reveal what’s inside of Power BI, recommend the best ways to use BI’s mighty tools and share the best practices and limitations related to this technology.


Join the event to build up interesting connections, get new knowledge and find motivation!