MONEY MANAGEMENT: master class about personal and family financial management

Харьков, пер. Театральный, 4, 3 этаж, Source IT Space
For cluster participants
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On the 20th of July in Kharkiv the master class by Serhiy Lutsenko “Money Management : how to manage effectively personal and domestic finances” will be held.


The masterclass will be especially useful, if you:

– want to learn how to put correctly your financial goals;

– are ready to get the incremental plan of your financial goal’s achievement;

– does not know how to shorten the charges easily and without a damage to quality of life and increase profits;

– does not understand where do you actually spent money and why do you run out of money so quickly;

– ready finally to clean up the personal finances and family finances;

– want to understand what is standing in your way of achievement of financial freedom and how to get rid from a ballast.


Details and registration
Date and time: 20.07.2017 from 19:00 to 21:00

Cost: 150 UAH


For members of Kharkiv IT Cluster there is a special bonus – a video record of Serhiy Lutsenko’s masterclass “Personal financial efficiency: how to earn more whatever you doing”


One of the most valuable investments is the investment in your own knowledge. Especially those ones, which will allow you to earn more and live better life!