Microservices with Spring Cloud and Observables in Angular 2

Fabrika Space (Blagovischenska St., 1, Kharkiv)

On March 16th at 18:30 at Fabrika Space Microservices with Spring Cloud and Observables in Angular 2 meetup will held.
Join us for an interesting evening to learn how to build scalable and resilient microservices using Spring Cloud and how to use Observables in Angular!


18:30 – 19:00
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19:00 – 19:50

Microservices with Spring Cloud

Development of distributed applications running in the cloud on cheap “commodity hardware” offers almost infinite scaling possibilities. The drawback of such a solution is that server crashes are a common thing that must be handled dynamically. In this speech you will get an overview of different patterns allowing the development and maintenance of resilient microservices running in the cloud. These patterns are going to be demonstrated using Spring Cloud.

Alain-Sahli Microservices  with Spring Cloud  and Observables  in Angular 2Speaker: Alain Sahli
Executive Director Technology, mimacom

Alain has huge experience in working with Spring on a daily basis and building decoupled microservices with architectures based on Domain Driven Design and Spring Cloud. He also contributes to the Spring Cloud umbrella project by being a core committer in the Spring Cloud AWS project.

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20:00 – 20:50
Using Observables in Angular

Modern web application requirements have changed dramatically in recent years. Observables allow us to produce loosely coupled and complex asynchronous systems. They have taken the web, specially inside the Angular framework.

We are going to explore what are the differences with Promises, what are the benefits, but also the problems we may encounter when creating Angular asynchronous components.

Carlos-Morales Microservices  with Spring Cloud  and Observables  in Angular 2Speaker: Carlos Morales
Solution Architect, mimacom

When Carlos was 6 years old he started programming in BASIC with a Sinclair ZX Spectrum+ that he still owns. He has been working for more than 15 years in different roles in sphere of web applications development. He fell in love with Angular and founded the Angular Meetup group in Zürich, which is one of the most attended Meetups in the city.

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Participation is free. Number of participants is LIMITED. Preliminary registration required.