Master class Soft skills The team’s work

Telesens Academy Molochnaya str, 38

We invite you to event of Soft Skills with Alexandra Dyachenko, Project-manager in SoftServe

Theme of seminar: “The team’s work”

We will discuss the following questions:

✔ What is a “team management”?

✔ Why don’t work the old management methods?

✔ Leadership and Management

✔ Personal effectiveness and motivation / demotivation of staff

✔ Effective interaction with team: win-win strategy

✔ Communication inside team

✔ Conflict resolution

✔ Team roles

✔ Development of team


Alexandra has 5 years experience in project management. She is a licensed specialist in project management and certified specialist in negotiation and conflict resolution (Australian university certificate).

The cost of participation in the master class – 100 UAH.