Master class Soft Skills Internal communications team-customer

Telesens Academy Molochnaya str, 38

We continue a series of lectures with Alexandra Dyachenko – Project Manager in Soft Serve.

At the last event Alexander shared information: how to negotiate with the customer, and how to organize the work of the team. Now we will meet in order to understand how the Project Manager have to balance between the customer and the team, creating a comfortable and productive environment .

We will discuss:

  • Communication requirements within the team;
  • Witting about transmitted information (format, content, level of detail)
  • The frequency of communication (with the team / customer)
  • Procedure of adjustment and tasks
  • How to solve the problem of inconsistent tasks?
  • Influence of the human factor and the type of person on the perception of information
  • Solving conflicts and disputes (or how to get out on the «win-win», and is it necessary)

The cost of participation in the master class – 100 UAH.

Location and time:

December 12, 2016, at 19:00.

Telesens Academy – street Molochnaya (formerly Kirova street), 38


For more information, please call:

+38 093 023 03 77 (Anna)

+38 057 766 40 09 (Victoria)

+38 050 366 40 09 (Victoria)