Master Class: “Customized sales in IT: myth or reality?”

Spalah, ул. Девичья, 6
For cluster participants
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There are two ways in sales: quality and quantity. Everyone of us want to make sales fast and for a big check. So whats batter: sales managers, that will work on rough KPI or… organize working process in a different way?
In each way there is the “other side of the iceberg” .
Why most companies do not use or scared of using customized sales?
Customized sales – its sales, that are built on the system of few “connections” and on individual approach to each customer.
Its easier to say than do. But in the actual process the implementation of this scheme many questions and difficulties arises.
To whom master class would be useful: IT sales managers: the experienced ones and beginners, directors of the sales departments and business owners.
Information about the speaker:
Curator of the course “IT Sales” in Spalah IT School
Co-founder of “Design Victoribus”
Experience in IT sales more than 4 years. Held positions: IT sales, BDM, Head of marketing department.
Speaker IT Sales club “Mercuri”, also participant of professional conferences, like BDMSummit 2017.
Business – consultant in building effective sales departments in IT companies.
Expertise: sales web-services and internet services – marketing.
During the master class you will find answers on the current issues of customized sales:
-What scheme interaction inside of the sales department is necessary to use for effective work?
-How form sales-lead generator make effective salesman?
-How to use few “connection” scheme in reality and how to “warm up” clients?
-How to built sales on the individual approach to each client?
When using the few “connection” scheme we can get a loyal client, how will keep coming back again and again and will recommend you to friends and colleagues!
Just ideal sales world
See you on Master Class !