Master class Corporate Social Responsibility

Only the Best for Yourself

IDP Business Space, 18d Otakara Yarosha Str. trade centre "Dvizhenie"

Let’s become successful together by creating conditions for growth and development, in partnership, taking the interests of different parties and interested persons into account.

Many of us (individuals, companies, communities, associations, unions) have already implemented any particular social projects, providing evidence of the increase of awareness in responsibility of everyone for ensuring our future. However, there are still many unsolved problems facing our society, requiring our maximum participation!

#‎ITRecruit  project has been launched in order to solve one of such problems – IT-education program for veterans of the anti-terrorist operation, but to get education does not mean to implemented an opportunity. One of the objectives of the present project is to jointly form and implement partnership social programs that will bring real benefit to all their members.It is necessary to start somewhere!

Master class entitled “Corporate Social Responsibility: Only the Best for Yourself” is only the beginning of a great collaboration aimed at receiving benefits and effects in the process of implementation of partnership social programs.

What is it?

  • master class with the elements of workshop;
  • singling out the specific characteristics of socially responsible activity in social and business environment of Kharkiv City;
  • insight into the practices of developed countries and companies;
  • сreation of own CSR partnership model based on conscious choice of concept, strategy, programs and tools for their implementation.

The main issues of the first meeting:

  • Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility: what is it?
  • What do we understand under CSR? Essence formation.
  • Levels of CSR implementation.
  • Which of the levels is ours? How do we jump through the levels and why is it impossible to add stability features IN SUCH A WAY…
  • CSR implementation models in other countries: experience, specificity, the best tools and results.
  • What will we choose? Which of the models is ours?

For whom?

  • owners,
  • leaders
  • managers
  • and to whom it may concern.

Do you need more details? We are waiting for top managers (forming the main pool of the company’s values), development, marketing and HR directors and managers (initiating major value changes in the company).


In the premises of IDP Business Space (18d Otakara Yarosha Str.  trade centre “Dvizhenie”, “Botanichnyi Sad” metro station.


August 4 (Thursday) from 04.00 p.m. till 07.00 p.m.

ATTENTION! Participation is free and chargeless upon your registration >>

What will we do?

We’ll listen a bit, but mainly we’ll combine theoretical and practical kinds of activity – group and individual work of participants, discussions and exchange of views.

The key objective of the meeting is to identify the areas of joint forward movement. We won’t solve all the problems, but we’ll have a look at theoretical basis and practical experience of socially responsible activity and development stimulation.