Level up for business owners and senior managers


The second round of admission is continuing at the Lviv Business School (LvBS) of UCU. LvBS invites participants of the Kharkiv IT Cluster to study at the MSc in Technology Management program for owners, top executives, and senior managers of technology companies. Admission is on till September 8.

It is the only master’s degree program in Ukraine that provides business education focused on technology. It is designed for managers who seek to develop a visionary approach to business, master management and leadership skills, broaden their vision of strategic technology development in today’s fast-paced environment. Kharkiv IT Cluster is a partner of the program, and Cluster members have the opportunity to study with affiliate price.

The program is built on three pillars:

Technology related courses: IT Strategies, Emerging Technologies, Tech Product Management, Software Architecture for Managers, Digital Disruption and Innovation Management, Technological Entrepreneurship

Business and management courses: Business as a system, Strategic Marketing Challenges, Sales Management, Business Strategy, Financial Decision Making, Organizational Development, Corporate Finance, Management Methods and Leadership, including Management 3.0 workshop.

Soft skills workshops: Emotional Intelligence, Effective Presentations, Leadership.

International Study Tour to Israel: Important Component of Study – A week-long study tour to one of the top innovation ecosystems in the world, involving company visits, R&D centers, startups, venture funds, incubators.

The study program consists of 13 modules and takes place in three cities of Ukraine that are the drivers of IT industry development: Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv.

Format: 4 days per month. The program ends with a final project.

Learning Language – English, facilitators – top practitioners and lecturers from the USA, Canada, UK, and Hong Kong

The new group will begin its study in October 2019.

Cost: USD 14,900.

For members of Kharkiv IT Cluster – USD 13 900.

Contact person: Khrystyna Myhasiuk, kmyhasiuk@lvbs.com.ua, 098 986 88 19.