Курс Strategic Management


The course allows to work out a comprehensive strategy of the company development from the idea till implementation.

It is topical for startups as well as for actual businesses. Especially for those that transform their business model and looking for new opportunities.

The course is meant for C- and M-level management  of IT-companies, including corporate lawyers, financial specialists, HR, etc.). The Strategy is more complete and it’s implementation is more efficient, if those who are supposed to implement Strategy, participate in it’s development. Thus, we recommend to come with your key colleagues and we provide you with discounts for groups.

In program :

  • Business-Model modeling and other aspects of IT-entrepreneurship
  • Legal aspects of entrepreneurship inside Ukraine and with counter parties from abroad
  • Financial aspects of business, resources and partners
  • Strategic sessions
  • Balanced Scorecard: objectives- processes-metrics/KPI-initiatives
  • (Bonus) Business Continuity




This course is the basis for the further work on marketing strategy and business process improvement (to practice the latter you can within the course  “Process Management” http://advance.it-tuning.com/p/process-management-course.html) .

You will work offline in groups of 10-20 people in Kharkiv. The course may be conducted for companies as well.
Start: March 11th, 2017

Strategic Management Course fee : $ 399 (can be split into two payments: $ 199.75 – at the beginning of the first month and $ 199.75 at the beginning of the second).

Training Mode: 7 sessions, 36 hours, starting at 9:00 am.

Contact us: Sergiy Povolyashko, sp@it-tuning.com, +38050 9340483