“Baggage” School is about to open a new educational season for top managers in a week’s time. KMBS Week is scheduled to begin on September 26 to last till October 1. Two key events are:

“HR for business owners” aims at those who strive to create and refine the staff management system rooted in the awareness of this approach to specific techniques of staff recruitment and selection, motivation and training as well as loyalty raising. It’s intended for top managers, not executives since business owners and HR directors are strategic decision makers.


When: 26-28.09;

Time: 10:00-18:00;
Cost: 12 000 uah;

KMBS lecturer : Yaroslava Loyanich;
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“Service School” event

This one is about seeing service as a sales strategic tool and a tool for gaining  customer loyalty. Besides, it says about how to make the price unimportant for the customer and to stand out among competitors. The range includes service vision, standards, KPI as well as service system implementation in your company.  It’s intended for business owners and department heads of different levels in any line of business.

When: 29.09-01.10;

Time: 10:00-18:00;
Cost: 10 500 грн;

KMBS lecturer: Anastasia Vladychinskaya;
Event details