JS Fest 2018

Kiev Mercure Congress Centre (ex. Cosmopolite), Vadyma Hetmana St, 6
For cluster participants
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We invite you to visit one of the most interesting JavaScript events in Kyiv – JS Fest 2018! JS Fest is a professional conference dedicated to JavaScript development.
March 30-31, JS Fest will bring the best in front-end development in Kyiv. Have you read the book “Good parts in JavaScript“? At JS Fest 2018 you will meet its author and the creator of JSON Douglas Crockford. Also, you will meet there more famous people from JS community who drive the industry and prove that development is an art!
JS Fest 2018 topics:
-Modern JS Frameworks
-Backend JS
-Reactive Programming
-Mobile JS

Why should you be there?
During JS Fest you will have the opportunity to hang out with all the speakers in “Expert’s corner”. This is a free zone for communication where experts are available to reply all your questions and just receive some appreciation from you.

To find the schedule and more details go to the event official site. Also, you can join JS Fest event on Facebook and Twitter!

If you’re looking for openness, independence, and impartiality, join this event!