Welcome to JEEConf 2018, the 8-th International Annual Conference!

The conference is scheduled for 18-19 May and will traditionally take place in Kiev, though this time it will be at the new venue, the Congress Hall Mercury.
Speakers from different countries will come to share their knowledge, experience and solutions with our participants. You can listen to reports and ask questions from Juergen Hoeller (Pivotal), Josh Long (Pivotal), Chris Thalinger (Twitter), Mikalai Alimenkou and many other equally interesting and experienced speakers.
If your work is Java, you have to come to JEEConf!
Register now because the number of tickets goes down every day!
This year we are planning to cover such topics:

– Java 9 practical experience (migration, issues);

– Java 10 new features;

– Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2.0;

– Reactive platforms;

– Kotlin;

– Cloud native ecosystem (Spring Cloud, Netflix, Linkerd, Istio);

– Spring Boot for development productivity (data, web, messaging, security, etc.)

– Machine learning (practical experience reports in JVM);

– Cloud development and infrastructure;

– Data analysis/big data;

– Java developer productivity (tools and techniques);

– Monitoring, metrics, tracing for real Java applications;

– Blockchain/smart contracts in Java world.

Let us remind you how it was last year