Javaman Go

Location, 1 Blagovischenska str., Kharkov.

On November 12, 2016, we invite Java developers to the IT NonStop  conference in Kharkov.

The topic of the conference is “JavaMan Go”

During the IT NonStop conference in Kharkov, we will discuss issues related to the migration of large projects to modern technology stacks, quality improvements, code efficiency and optimization, and building hardware computer systems. We will also talk about some aspects related to development with Scala.

IT NonStop is a series of international IT conferences which take place in 10 cities of Russia, Ukraine, and Poland. In every city, IT NonStop has its own topic and format, but all the conferences bring together a common “case after case” approach – the speakers talk about specific solutions and case studies.

Address: Kharkov, 1 Blagoveschenskaya Street, Fabrica.Space

About DataArt:

DataArt is an international company that has been engaged in IT consulting, developing of custom-made software and modernizing corporate IT systems for financial, telecommunication, healthcare, tourism, media and IoT industries since 1997. DataArt’s clients are from in the US and UK, and the development centers are located in Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Argentina.

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