JavaDay Ukraine 2017

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The community-driven conference for Java-developers.


JavaDay Ukraine is an annual international two-day conference with more than 60 speakers per event from all over the world, who are well-known Java-professionals from U.S, Canada, and Western Europe. It is the greatest big-name Java-conference, and one of the top-3 IT-conferences in Ukraine for the last two years in a row (based on ratings).

Organized by Java User Group of Ukraine the conference will be hold for the 7th time already this year in Kyiv, on November 4-5.

Traditionally, we can expect 5 streams with more than 50 talks, 60+ speakers and 1000+ attendees!

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Those who have at least once been lucky to visit any of JavaDay Ukraine events know perfectly well that this is a great opportunity to:

  • Learn the best and newest practices in Java
    ● Network with leading Global and Ukrainian Java-stars
    ● Gain new acquaintances and turn them into good friends
    ● Become a part of a Java-community

JavaDay 2016 video (insert video)

What made JavaDay 2016 in Kyiv to stand out was a bright and daring idea – Game of Java. The approach has been treated by attendees admiringly, as well as the video of the same name:

(insert video)

By all means, at JavaDay 2017 we can expect a lot of pleasant surprises and ace up sleeves from the organizers and partners of the event, as well as unforgettable atmosphere and a non-standard approach to the organization.

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Contact us:
+38 (098) 264 0211;
+38 (095) 090 8909.