March 24-25, 2018 in Kiev will host a large-scale IT conference

 ITEM 2018: From code to product. From service to solution.

The theme of the conference is the transition from service to product, from code on specification to providing the client with an integrated solution, about the need to build expertise in their company.

How to scale a business? How to rebuild processes in an IT company? How to build an examination? How do I switch from a service model to a Solution?

At one location, the CEO, Founders, PMs, Product managers, Software engineers and Quality experts will gather to learn how to exit the “performer” mode and really start to think about the product they create.

Speakers from Ukraine, the United States, the Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Belarus, Sweden, and Latvia will speak at the conference within 2 days. They have passed this way in their companies and can share their practical cases. The purpose and mission of ITEM 2018 is to provide practical cases, methods, frameworks and tools that participants can use to create, launch and scale truly innovative software products.

Speakers and their reports are selected by Ukrainian and foreign experts who are members of the program committee of the conference, in order to keep the program extremely valuable, practical and interesting information.

Business day

The first day will be fully dedicated to the transformation of the business model and the principles of product management and projects. Keynote speaker of the conference will be entrepreneurship guru, board member of the educational center MIT / Stanford Venture Lab and a person with phenomenally great experience in IT (more than 30 years) – Gigi Wang (USA) and CEO Lloyd International, nominee of the Best Customer Service Strategy National Business Awards – Stephen Parry (United Kingdom).

1-300x201 ITEM 2018

Besides, speaker-creators and representatives of Ukrainian products are invited: David Braun (CEO TemplateMonsters), Valery Krasovsky (CEO of Sigma Software), Sergey Karpenko (PM Softserve) and others.

The first themes have already been announced:

2-300x228 ITEM 2018

You can see the full program of the conference here

What future awaits the IT industry in Ukraine, about the product approach and culture, competent management, the use of trend technologies in projects for the client, how to properly scale and adapt the product under the constantly changing market, we will talk in the framework of 3 threads:

  • Business
  • Project Management
  • Product


Let’s talk about technologies that interest everyone:

  • AI
  • Data Science
  • Blockchain
  • IoT
  • Mobile Development
  • Quality Engineering

3-300x193 ITEM 2018

Keynote the speaker of the day will be Vitaly Kulikov, Software Engineer Pinterest.

All speakers are developers with a huge development experience. The headliners of the day will be Enrique López Mañas (Germany), who is one of the top 100 best developers of the world by the version of GitHub, Denis Yaraz (California), Research Engineer from Facebook AI Research, Irina Vidal Migallón (Germany), Computer Vision & Deep Learning Engineer at Siemens .

Reports will also be presented by Claudiu Graghia (Romania), Denis Gritsevsky (Estonia), Ivan Pashko (Ukraine) and others.

The first topics have already been announced:

4-300x226 ITEM 2018

You can see the full program of the conference here


For those who want to get more knowledge in product development and management there will be an opportunity to attend practical workshops:

Business day:

  • Stephen Perry (Keynote Speaker, UK)
  • Fred Williams (Best Speaker ITEM 2017, Member of the ITEM 2018 Program Committee)

Technical day:

  • Alexander Gritsevski (Estonia)
  • Enrique Lopez Manas (Germany, headliner of the technical day)

CEO Event with Gigi Wang

March 25, specially for conference participants (CEO and TOP managers of companies) will be a closed event with Keynote Speaker – Gigi Wang (USA).

For 5 years we cared about all details

Our advantage is not only a strong program.

We take care of participants and give the opportunity to spend time at the conference with maximum benefit. Live communication with opinion leaders, Q & A with speakers, workshops, coworking zone, activity from partners. Prior to the conference – online intensive with experts, preaches in the format of meeting Speech Bar speakers, and after the conference, a relaxed ITEM Night party, these days will be the most intense days in the new 2018.

The general financial partner of the conference will be Concord Bank.

ITEM 2018 is a conference about what IT companies in Ukraine need to do today in order to remain competitive after 10 years.

This is a conference about the future, where Ukraine competes with European and American companies in the development of outstanding IT products, in which Made In Ukraine sounds proudly, in which Ukrainian developers are valued for the high quality of services.

This is a conference about the future, which may not come if we do not start taking decisive actions and change the processes in our company today.

We are waiting for all at ITEM 2018!