ITEA TechTalk: Data Science / Machine Learning: Meaning, Scope and Role of Python

Sumskaya street, 78, 1 entrance, 3rd floor

Understanding the essence of Data Science and Machine Learning often comes down to very superficial theses that are not as simple as they seem:

  • Data Science is used to work with Big Data — but what kind of data and what to do with it next?
  • Self-learning systems are created with the help of ML — but how do they look in real life, what tasks do they solve?
  • This is not a myth, but a really working technology — okay, but which companies have already implemented Data Science solutions and what is their outcome?

On “ITEA TechTalk: Data Science/Machine Learning: Meaning, Scope and Role of Python” we gonna figure out all you need for understanding Data Science and Machine Learning technologies.

Speakers and Topics

Philip Kofman — Data Scientist. The main type of tasks: statistics, time series study, text tonality analysis, neural networks, optimization.

Topic: ML overview

— What tasks can be solved using machine learning?

— Examples of successful cases where machine learning is applied.

— Detailed analysis: Linear regression, Logistic regression, Regularization, Decisive trees, Loss functions, Clustering.

Oleksandr Lazarchuk — Python technical leader, SoftServe. 10 years in programming, 6 of which are in Python development. The main activity is full stack web development. Worked on data processing and analysis projects.

Topic: How to tame Pandas

— How to organize and filter data

— How to use Data Analysis and Mathematical Statistics

— How to manipulate data using statistics

Event will help Junior & Intermediate developers to understand the role of Python and Pandas toolkit in solving Big Data tasks.

Entry and Intermediate Data Scientists will be able to strengthen their knowledge of Data Science and Machine Learning technologies, as well as understand the scope of their application.

Event details

Date: May 14.

Beginning: 19:00.

Registration start: 18:30.

Duration: 2.5 hours.

Location: Sumskaya street, 78, 1 entrance, 3rd floor.

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