IT Weekend Ukraine 2019: Full Technical Review Of All Product Development Stages

Kyiv (Parkovy International Convention Center)
For cluster participants
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IT Weekend Ukraine 2019, one of Ukraine`s biggest IT conferences, will be held on 7th of September and will be devoted to Products. Speakers from development teams together with clients will show the whole ecosystem of each of them – from from an idea to the product identity.

Speakers will share key insights and industry researches, specific failures, best practices, and hands-on advice.

Four streams will be devoted to four products:

  • Breaking out with Google. How to build up a strong technological partnership and keep your own identity.
  • Compete or collaborate? How rivals are getting connected with the help of Microsoft Teams.
  • A start-up inside the company? Discover the journey of the SoftServe internal product – Innovation Platform.
  • A spacecraft feeding mankind. The adventure into Smart Agriculture.

Within the conference there will be held public-talk in 404: Errors, failures and other #it format, where leading IT experts will sincerely share their failures and lessons learnt.

The event will be ended up by solemn awarding ceremony of the best IT professionals of Ukraine – Ukrainian IT Awards 2019.

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