IT Weekend Kharkіv 2019

Blagovyshenskaya 1,, green hall, Kharkov
For cluster participants
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Do you still believe that artificial intelligence will invade the world?
Let’s find out together at IT Weekend Kharkіv 2019!


Experts from SoftServe, IBM, Oracle, Intego Group together with scientists working on theoretical issues of artificial intelligence and building intelligent systems will highlight different aspects of the topic.

The main directions of the conference:

  •  Machine learning in forecasting,
  •  Signal and image processing,
  •  Big Data Analytics,
  •  Natural Language Processing,
  •  Data visualization,
  •  Robotics.

The conference program will cover the following topics:

  •  Geometric control theory,
  •  Multi-objective optimization,
  •  Real-time anomaly detection,
  •  Deep learning in molecular modeling,
  •  Machine learning in control theory and forecasting,
  •  Decision Making Systems in Healthcare domain,
  •  Accelerating Training of Deep Neural Networks,
  •  Topological data analysis in dimension reductions visualization of multidimensional data.

Registration on the site at the link.

until 31.08 – 799 UAH
1,09 – 20,10 – 899 UAH
21.10 – 26.10 – 999 UAH

Time: 10:00 – 20:00.