IT Security Talk

Building security system in an IT company

Lemon Hub, 122 Moskovskyi Ave

Do you want to khow how to ensure the information, economic and personnel safety of the company? How to encrypt, clean and block confidential information? How to behave in case your company is going through the search by tax inspectors or other authorities representatives?

On 10.09.2016, in Lemon Hub will hold a one-day workshop IT Security Talk from Kharkiv IT Cluster. Event will be devoted to the building of security system in an IT company.

On IT Security Talk we will review the following topics:

  • elements, processes and roles of the company’s security system;
  • structure, functions and threats of the company’s information security system: ensuring the safety of the workplace, encryption of information on PCs and portable devices, PC cleaning and removal of information, encryption of mail correspondence, ensuring information security of mobile devices, antivirus protection, mobile firewall, blocking and cleaning of mobile devices and applications, the use, encryption and security of cloud storage;
  • company’s personnel security system;
  • the searches in the IT-companies: what do you need to know before, during and after the search, risk-audit on key spheres, basic offenses, office work organization, interrogations and property withdrawal, appealation, PR-strategies and tactics, сases examples;
  • company’s economic security system.

Workshop’s target audience: CEO, COO, CFO, in-house lawyers, owners

Expected results after the workshop:

On the  IT Security Talk partisipants will get developed concept of the company’s security system with structured elements and practical recommendations for implementation.


490 UAH until 21.08.2016

590 UAH until 9.09.2016

690 UAH upon arrival at the event