IT Marketing Talk

Marketing and Lead Generation for Service IT Companies

For cluster participants
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Are you a marketing specialist or CEO at a service IT company? Don’t you sleep all night thinking how to make IT company found its clients? How to improve your website? How to work with communication channels correctly?

On May, 20 at Fabrica Space Kharkiv IT Cluster is holding a conference IT Marketing Talk. The event will be dedicated to marketing and lead generation topics with a focus on service IT companies.

IT Marketing Talk will cover:

  • a sequence of actions and KPIs of online promotion;
  • work with the UpWork platform;
  • website as a major tool for lead generation;
  • a necessity of SEO-optimization;
  • communication channels (Email, social networks) and how to use them;
  • guidelines, rules, and aims of collaboration with media;
  • off-site activities and their behavioral strategies;
  • networking as a means of closing major transactions;
  • how to make promo materials about your company.

For whom?

Marketing Managers, IT Sales, BDM, CEO of service IT-companies, freelancers

What’s the result?

IT Marketing Talk participants will get practical guidelines for marketing tools implementation and understand how service companies should use them in the best way.


If booking until 24.04.2017 – 450 UAH

If booking until 12.05.2017 – 550 UAH

If booking until 19.05.2017 – 650 UAH

Booking at the event – 750 UAH
Venue:, 1, Blahovishchenska Street


vinogradska-300x300 IT Marketing Talk

Сonference moderator:

Nataliya Vynogradska, Managing Director Kharkiv IT Cluster

 Nataliya has over 12 years of experience in developing marketing strategies, B2B and B2C strategies in sales in service and profuct businesses, has built more than one marketing and sales department from zero, implemented and managed all marketing business processes.
Kolb-300x300 IT Marketing Talk

Alex Kolb, CEO Promodo

Topic: Online promotion: a sequence of actions and KPIs

  • The sequence of choice of tools in performance marketing
  • Requirements and expectations from the team: Scrum
  • Planning time of AC
  • KPI with binding in goals, terms, tools
Tyutyunnyk-300x300 IT Marketing Talk

Andrew Tyutyunnyk, Business Development Executive, CodeIT

Before getting into sales, Andrew was a back-end developer and project manager. For the last 5 years, he has been selling IT services to US and European markets. Despite everything, he still believes in marketplace platforms and successful sales via UpWork.

Topic: Effective lead-generation via Upwork

  • UpWork as stable channel of lead-generation
  • How to start on UpWork?
  • How much is the lead?
  • High-quality UpWork
sherbachev IT Marketing Talk

Michael Scherbachov, CEO LivePage

For 9 years he has been promoting websites, managing the company, developing his own projects in different niches.

Topic: The site as the main tool for lodogeneration: must-have elements

  • Main sources;
    Expenses for types of sources;
  • When and who it makes sense to invest money in the site;
  • The level of costs in money and hours;
  • Underwater stones, how not to step on the rake;
  • Case studies and examples of successful lidogeneration;
  • Chips on which no one works at all
novikova-300x300 IT Marketing Talk

Anastacia Novikova, Сo-Founder Conformato and NexGenDesign

9.5 years I’m working in IT sales & marketing. I teach IT sales at Conformato and still sell and close deals at NexGenDesign.

Topic: Cold emails for lead generation

  • Should we spend time on cold emailing?
  • When should you not and how can you get higher response rate?
zakhozhiy-300x300 IT Marketing Talk

Макс Захожий, CEO в Ukrainian Advertising Agency

Вiсiм рокiв досвiду роботи в iнтенет-маркетингу. Досвiд роботи з проектами різноманітної складності и тематики по всьому світу. Сертифікований спеціаліст Google AdWords, Google Analytics, MarinSoftware,Bingads.

Topic: Facebook for Outsource

  • Facebook doesn’t sale.
  • Facebook’ capabilities.
  • How you can use it.
  • Write. Post. Promote.
  • Case
beloshitsky-300x300 IT Marketing Talk

Eugene Beloshitsky, Social Media Marketing specialist, freelancer, representative of the freelance Upwork platform in Kharkiv.

As an SMM-specialist, Evgene cooperates with companies from North America, Western Europe and Asia. Among the clients: technological start-ups, small and medium business, and also such giants as and SimilarWeb.

Topic: Link and Din are rushing to the rescue

  • Funeral for free SMM;
  • The secret of selling wall carpets;
  • Hacked LinkedIn;
  • We will establish the Order of Marketing Adepts in LinkedIn
legn-300x300 IT Marketing Talk

Evgenia Legn, CEO Dinarys LLC

Topic: How we bring orders from conferences

  • 1. The choice of the conference based on the marketing strategy:
    1) as from a huge variety of options to choose the right conference in the correct location and with the desired CA, based on the portrait of your client
    2) how to calculate the budget of the trip, and who exactly is worth taking with you2. Preparation for the conference
    1) How long does it take to prepare and how
    2) Who should appoint a meeting with?
    3) What methods of appointment meetings work, and which are not3. How to behave at the conference:
    1) types of customers and who should speak first of all
    2) who is looking for outsourcing at conferences
    3) network – our all4. Processing of collected information after the conference
    1) work with a sales funnel
    2) Pipedrive or other CRM
    3) business trips to customers
britanchuk-300x300 IT Marketing Talk

Roman Brytanchuk, attracting resources, working with partners and business networking expert

At the moment – Coordinator for work with partners of the Ukrainian and European championships among the web and mobile developers and;
Connector of clients with IT teams with extensive experience in thematic specialization (including FinTech, e-Commerce, Automotive, Retail). Among the involved partners are more than 50 companies. Head of the final IT Forum of the year 2016.

Topic: Networking for business or how to attract Facebook customers

  • How use of networking will increase your sales
  • What tools will allow you to expand your network
  • How to use social networks for networking
pakhomov-300x300 IT Marketing Talk

Igor Pakhomov – marketing consultant

In the subject since 2010. He headed the marketing and sales department of the “Mobidev”. At the moment, he advises IT companies on content marketing, lead generation, and Internet advertising.

Topic: Why your Promo materials doesn’t work?

We will talk what should be named the promo materials,
how to start to prepare them and who should do it.
Also will discuss the details, which almost everyone misses
And that must be taken into account.
How to make a TC, so as a result, get a tool, not a toy.
What metrics will tell you about a quality of the used promo materials?

petrova-300x300 IT Marketing Talk

parenchenko-300x300 IT Marketing Talk


Elena Petrova, Consultant on organization of business processes in IT companies ( project), Product Manager of AdvanceIT programs





Alena Parenchenko, marketing and sales consultant in IT companies, CMO AdvanceIT, director of the School of Project Management, PM School.


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