Промислове моделювання, аналітика інтернету речей та інші актуальні теми у межах конференції Industrial Evolution від Intellias

On April 13th, Intellias organizes an international online conference Industrial Evolution 2023. The conference is dedicated to exploring the latest trends, technologies, and applications in the Internet of Things (IoT).

Intellias, a global technology partner of Fortune 500 companies, will gather experts from manufacturing, construction, industrial automation, and software engineering domains for an international conference, Industrial Evolution 2023. During the conference, the invited speakers will share their experience of working with Industry 4.0 and talk about practical aspects of implementing IoT solutions.

A list of topics includes:

  • Predictive maintenance as a proactive asset optimization strategy;
  • Industrial simulation and digital twins;
  • IoT analytics and its role in insights-driven decision-making;
  • Edge and cloud computing in industrial environments;
  • IoT standardization and interoperability and more.

One of the speakers is Serdar Uckun, a founder and CTO at Novity. He has more than 15 years of management experience with in depth expertise in genomics, biotech, information technology, systems engineering, artificial intelligence (AI), and data science. He will talk about predictive maintenance (PdM) for manufacturing, a relatively new maintenance approach based on monitoring critical assets’ health and predicting failures in advance.

“PdM helps plant operators to plan maintenance operations based on asset health and preserve useful life estimates of these assets. By minimizing unplanned asset downtime and optimizing maintenance schedules, PdM programs yield higher production capacity and lower maintenance costs”, says Mr. Uckun.

Our next speaker is Serhii Seletskyi, head of architecture at Intellias. He helps companies choose the right IoT technology stack to scale business, specializes in enterprise architecture, microservices, and cloud-native development. At the conference, he will share his insights on Azure IoT Digital Twins, a revolutionary technology for manufacturing.

“Azure IoT Digital Twins creates digital models of physical objects, which enable real-time monitoring and issue prevention. Though implementation can be challenging, there are numerous successful cases, including optimizing supply chains, improving product quality, and enhancing worker safety. Let’s embrace this technology to create a better future for manufacturing”, says Mr. Seletskyi.

Jonathan Weiss, global GTM leader, works with industrial manufacturing and AWS strategic industries. As an accomplished innovation and technology executive, Mr. Weiss specializes in partnering with leading manufacturers to drive cost reduction, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance supply chain resilience through the implementation of advanced technologies such as IoT, Industrial IoT, AI, and ML. During the event, he will speak about the future of manufacturing with the actual topic Unlocking the Promise of Industry 4.0 (and beyond).

The conference will be held in an online format. Participation is free.

Read more about the conference and register by following this link.

About Intellias

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