How to get an internship at Google?

Kharkiv Palace, Ballroom Hall

An opportunity to spend the summer in Europe/USA, earn $$$ till the end of your studies and work with the best programmers in the world, free food from chefs and access to data centers with millions of processors, massages right in the office and product development for billions of users, free coffee from professional baristas and access to source code of the most popular search engine in the world. Have you guessed yet? We are talking about an internship at Google.

But there is a problem – out of 3*10^6 yearly applications, only 0.2% receive a cherished offer. So how can you become one of them? There is no one to explain better than the interns and employees from Google. In June in Kharkiv, they will share tips and secrets surrounding a successful application.

On the agenda:

  • How to create an effective resume?
  • How to prepare for a tech interview?
  • Panel discussion with the speakers

In addition, free coffee, cookies, and presents from Google are awaiting you!

16 of June 11:00
Kharkiv Palace, Ballroom Hall
Free entry.

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