How to develop thinking skills?

Promodo Hub

How to develop thinking skills? What practices to use? What prerequisites for the development of thinking exist?

Andrey Melnik, the founder of the project, a graduate of [kmbs] and the Aspen Institute, a traveler, as well as the initiator of patronage and socio-cultural projects, will answer all these questions on April 1 at 19:00 at Promodo Hub.

«We cannot see the world around us as it is,” says Andrey, “we only see its interpretation, which is created by our brain and our thinking.

Thinking is a tool that helps us get closer to reality. The world around us is formed exclusively from our beliefs and subjective ideas about it.

By developing, changing, or creating explanatory models of reality, we are able to more effectively interact with the surrounding world and influence it.»


The lecture will take place at Promodo Hub.

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