The team of the educational portal SuKHaRi invites Kharkiv IT Cluster participants to join the event.

The SuHaRi Education Portal invites Kharkiv IT Cluster members to join the new “Hard skills exam: QA” championship initiative among IT school graduates, which aims to stimulate a solution to the lack of quality staffing for IT.

For more than 1.5 years we have been studying the ecosystem of education, conducting revisions of training courses and collecting feedback. We see that people continue to dream about the world of IT. However, we often hear from companies that graduates of courses do not meet the requirements of companies and they should be considered. Courses, in turn, promise that the level of students’ training corresponds to the needs of the business. So we have to figure it out!

In early December, the SuHaRi portal team organizes the first “Hard skills exam: QA” championship among IT school graduates.

The purpose of the event is to compare and compare the level of requirements of companies to the employees they are ready to employ and the level of specialists that are issued by IT schools.

In the future, we plan to make such championships regular and add other IT specialties.

We invite indifferent companies to join in any way, but above all – to provide test tasks for beginners QA. This assistance will be a significant contribution to improving the system of non-formal education in our city and improving the quality of knowledge from emerging IT professionals. And also the requirements of your company will help you to become the basis for changes in the preparation of schools.


Svitlana Ohovich, СЕО SuKhaRi

+38 0978783443