Growth Marketing Workshop for beginners

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You launched your business/startup or NGO and now it’s time to start getting customers.

Join us to show you how you can grow your company.v

About this Event

You launched your business or startup or NGO and now it’s time to start getting customers. Speaking from experience, this particular phase is often the hardest in the lifecycle of an organization.

Growth marketing is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business or sell your product. Growth marketing diverts from traditional marketing. It’s a mix of product management, coding, lean startup marketing, conversion rate optimization and digital marketing.


You will learn:
  • Awesome growth marketing strategies.
  • Effective landing page optimisation techniques which bring results.
  • The know how to integrate the Growth Mindset, process and methodology within your organisation to make data-driven decisions faster.
  • The Growth Marketing Funnel: AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue).
  • The Growth Marketing Funnel in action via case studies.
  • The Growth Marketing 5-Step Experimentation Process.
  • Understand viral campaigns, A/B testing and how to identify your most valuable acquisition channels.
  • Create a growth marketing strategy in order to optimize an existing product / company’s conversion funnel.

This workshop is designed for professionals looking for fresh, innovative and alternative ways to grow a business.

Why attend the Growth Marketing Workshop
  • Most marketers are overwhelmed by how technical marketing has become. They need to embrace these changes to overcome their competition.
  • Traditional marketing channels are expensive and saturated. Standing out and getting people’s attention now requires creativity, focus, unconventional methods and guts.
  • Digital means measurable but companies must learn to focus on the right metrics and establish smart goals.

  • Basic understanding of Digital Marketing.
  • Willingness to act today and build innovative and data-driven digital media campaigns.

Target Audience
  • Social Media Coordinators, Marketing Executives (Junior Level), Digital Marketing Managers, Digital Marketing Assistants, Community builders, Digital Marketing Executives (Junior level)
  • Startup founders, Entrepreneurs
  • Students
  • Bloggers, Writers, Journalists who want to develop digital marketing skills.

Language of the workshop holding: English

Date And Time:
30th of January,
9 A.M. — 7 P.M.

Register to the workshop following the link. Use promo code “OFF20” to have 20% discount from Kharkiv IT Cluster.


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