We are glad to invite everyone to GlobalLogic Kharkiv MS TechTalk #3, another one in the series of our tech talks dedicated to Microsoft technologies and intended for those interested in MS technologies and for .NET experts.

Participation in the event will empower .NET developers, Cloud engineers — and anyone interested — with new opportunities to increase the level of their expertise. The topics of the reports are: implementing systems based on the microservices architecture of Microsoft Service Fabric and building a digital strategy on the IoT and Blockchain technologies.

A hearty welcome awaits all the participants, with pleasant surprises, aromatic coffee, and snacks.

Venue: Kharkiv (the address details will be provided to the participants after the registration).

Date and time: April 24 (Tuesday), 18:30 – 21:30.

To participate in the event, please register in advance

Please note that the number of seats is limited. Upon registration, you will receive a message confirming your participation.


18:30 – 19:00 — Registration, networking, coffee, and snacks.

19:00 – 19:15 — Welcome speech.

19:15 – 20:05 “Implementation of Systems Based on Microservices Architecture of Microsoft Service Fabric” — Andriy Gnennyy, Senior Consultant, GlobalLogic, leader of the Cloud practice of GlobalLogic in Kharkiv.

20:05 – 20:15 — Questions and answers.

20:15 – 20:35 — Networking, coffee and snacks.

20:35 – 21:25 “Digital Strategy Based on IoT and Blockchain” — Yevhen Napriahlo, Digital Business Transformation Consultant, GlobalLogic.

21:25 – 21:30 — Questions and answers.

21:30 – 21:40 — Pleasant surprises.

21:40 – 22:00 — Coffee and networking.

Speakers and Presentations:


1) “Implementation of Systems Based on Microservices Architecture of Microsoft Service Fabric” — Andriy Gnennyy

Andriy — Senior Consultant, leader Cloud-practice GlobalLogic in Kharkiv, Google Certified Professional (Cloud Architect), Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).

In the report, mechanisms of communication between microservices within a cluster will be addressed, as well as multi-tier versioning, from the application level up to services and configurations. Also, pros and cons of Stateful Services will be discussed and state management in Stateful Services reviewed. Andriy will share his advice and practical tips on minimizing effort while using Microsoft Service Fabric on a daily basis.

2) “Digital Strategy Based on IoT and Blockchain” — Yevhen Napriahlo

Yevhen — Digital Business Transformation Consultant, GlobalLogic; 5+ years’ experience in building and implementing digital business transformations. The primary focus of his activity is creating technology-based strategies of entering new markets.

Yevhen will demonstrate practical techniques of creating a digital strategy and a product line for a company entering a new market by using Blockchain as the key technology driver. He will provide definitions of the digital business transformation and the business model, explain how the business model is connected with the strategy in terms of technology. Also, Yevhen will show how to build a Solution Architecture for product implementation based on .NET and Microsoft Azure.

Please be sure to register!

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Come to make interesting new acquaintances and find inspiration for your development in the Microsoft and .NET technologies!