We are glad to invite all those interested in Java in its multiple dimensions to the GlobalLogic Kharkiv Java Conference! On June 12 practical experts from GlobalLogic Ukraine along with their colleagues from abroad will share their life hacks, secrets, best practices, and drive.

You will learn how to quickly start using SpringBoot on your internal projects, about ElasticSearch and Language Analyzers, and what tools can be used for optimizing the development process with the help of Docker. Special attention will be paid to using services and taking advantages of AWS Lambda for increasing labor productivity. Also, real-life cases that require applying Spring Global Lock of Spring Cloud will be analyzed.

You will get a chance to plunge into Java 9 modularity, reveal migration secrets, and learn about jlink usage. What’s more, the path of adopting a Java EE monolithic application and its refactoring to microservices will be dwelt upon. Certainly, we can’t do without Agile, so the key elements for a solid foundation for Agile to succeed, the challenges and opportunities in a distributed and scaled Agile organization will also be discussed.

It is going to be really exciting, so feel free to join us! The participation is free, however preliminary registration is necessary.

Registration and details