Garage48 Cyber Security 2017 Kharkiv

Location, Blagoveschenskaya St. 1

In today’s world, we all rely on technology more than we really want to. Therefore it’s important that technology is available, protected and secure. Unfortunately, most technology available is quite vulnerable and can be easily hacked.


Every year, thousands of cybersecurity problems are identified in technologies from well-known vendors. Some of those vendors are among the best at cybersecurity, yet they still have hundreds of security problems each year. What is most mind-boggling, is the fact, that many of these problems are recurring.


The main aim of the Garage48 Cyber Security hackathon is to find solutions to some of these recurring problems or come up with completely fresh approaches which would take the cybersecurity to the next level. We would also touch upon the topic of Blockchain and its importance when speaking about cyber security.


Join us for this weekend-long intensive development event where we will be developing working prototypes in 48 hours! Prepare yourself for 48 hours full of hacking, coding, designing, selling and thinking BIG! If you’re ready to create something crazy and innovative, then this is the event for you!


Top notch mentors will be on hand to help if you have any issues or if you get stuck on working on your prototype.


Also:it wouldn’t be a hackathon without food and drinks, so expect some delicious stuff to keep you going through the weekend! Feel free to turn up and form a team on Friday, but if you’d rather do so in advance, you’ve got until the start of the event to pick other members of the society to be your fellow hackers.


We are looking for: data scientists, non-technical cybersecurity or data protection professionals, UI/UX designers, front-end developers, back-end developers, marketeers, visionaries, experts, marketing gurus and passionate project managers!


SIGN UP NOW, because the spots are limited! 


MORE DETAILS on the event webpage


With origins from Estonia & Silicon Valley, Garage48 events begun with being the first of its kind in rapidly developing tech countries like Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus & many others.


The event is organised by Garage48 in partnership with the financial support of Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Fund for Development and Humanitarian Aid.