Free Webinar “How much to pay an IT sales manager? “


Probably you, as well as many СEO of IT companies, Head of Sales, are looking for an answer  to this question, but can’t find it. In fact, in our industry, almost nobody wants to share this information.


To help you make a decision about how much the IT sales manager should be paid, school of IT sales and marketing Conformato has invited an expert Ann Kozakova. She has 11 years’ experience of hiring IT specialists. Speaker will tell about true figures on salaries in different cities. Also, you will learn what to do if IT sales asks for a higher rate than you offer.

After the webinar, you will be able to decide how to count up a salary to IT sales managers and which their competences to take into account.


We will discuss the following issues:

— The major criteria for selecting sales in IT.

— What experience is the most valuable in all candidates? Who is in high demand now?

— How much is IT sales cost? What percentage is offered them? Data about diverse cities.

— Differences between salary conditions in grocery companies and outsourcing ones.

— What questions on main parameters of IT sales manager should be asked at the interview?

— What influences the decision of the candidate to accept an offer?

— What questions can be asked by beginners and experienced specialists?


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