Free online build-up for DevSecOps


Free online build-up for DevSecOps: Join us on September 24th

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Why attend?

1. DevSecOps tricks and tips from top companies: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft, Foxintelligence.
2. Learn how to start DevSecOps
3. Get examples of effective DevSecOps learning strategies and find out how to measure it.

We do release the network’s value and experience sharing that’s why build-up is about as one speech and two Fireside Chats moderated by Maxim Salnikov and supervised by DevSecOps.

We consider everything and know that is going to be useful and valuable. So, prepare your questions in advance and leave them in registration form.

How Would You Build It?

1.Darko Meszaros, Developer Advocate Amazon Web Services – worked as a Premium Support Engineer and as a Solutions Architect, which has given him first-hand experience with AWS customers and their AWS adventures, helping them learn the ways of the cloud.

2. Nikhil Barthwal, Tech Lead in Google Cloud Platform – has several years of work experience in both big companies & smaller startups and also acts as a mentor to several startups. Currently, he is Tech Lead in Google Cloud Platform working on Knative, a Kubernetes-based platform to build, deploy, and manage modern serverless workloads.

3. Mohamed Labouardy, DevSecOps Evangelist, Senior Software Engineer/DevOps, Foxintelligence – helps with DevOps journey towards CI/CD, and works on subjects around scalability, resiliency and security of their AWS infrastructure to support hundreds of millions of incoming requests per day.

As Moderator – Maxim Salnikov, Developer Engagement Lead, Microsoft.
Cloud and web front-end geek who builds web applications and shares his extensive experience with many aspects of the web platform by speaking/training at developer events around the world and running his own conferences & meetups. He is actively exploring new features of the web and the idea of progressive web applications (PWA) in particular.

Our entire platform is based around making discussions as easy and accessible, as possible. By attending these chats, you’ll be able to ask these experts anything you want.

After all, it’s called ‘How Would You Secure It?’ – so make sure to ask!

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