“It doesn’t matter about what kind of projects, spheres, scopes, approaches or methologies
we speak. All projects and, respectively, all project managers should know the answers on
the certain questions” – believes Sergiy Potapov, who has over 15 years of experience in
project management in various fields. He will discuss this topic in more details during the
program “Formula of Successful Project Management”, which will take place in Kharkiv.
During two days, the participants will be able to:
– consider the key issues of the project management and the ways to solve them,
which can be implemented in any organization independent of field or size.

 Effectively manage the price, terms and quality of the project, as well as to create
and adapt  plans in response to external and internal problems;
 Cooperate with the team in a professional manner;
 Use the technological tools  for the rapid decision-making with different
 Determine the aims, restrictions, final results, and the project effectiveness criterion.
Serhiy Potapov also has experience in launching the Critical Chain Project Management
(CCPM), conducting experiments on integrating CCPM, SCRUM and Agile, so he will
gladly answer all your questions regarding aforementioned.

Price: 7500 UAH (excluding VAT)
Program manager: Andriana Bilash, +38 (073) 145-23-91 abilash@lvbs.com.ua