Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2017

Kyiv, NSC Olympic, Champions Hall

Take part in a large-scale scientific conference in Ukraine!

This summer you have an opportunity to take part in the 3rd International Science Conference “Falling  Walls Lab” in Kyiv and introduce  your invention  or breakthrough idea to the world.
The definition of “breakthrough” we understand an idea, a research project, a business model  or a social initiative that is original and innovative designed to addressing challenges of the modern world. I could be both the implemented idea and the project that exists only on paper but has a convincing concept that comes with evidences.
The science ceases to be boring!
The main aim is to contribute  the development of scientific and entrepreneurial innovations and to stimulate the exchange between scientists and professionals of different spheres.
In order to become a participant of the conference, it is necessary to submit an application by September  10, 2017 with the desire to introduce your own idea, invention or proposal.
The conference regulations are: 3 minute for the report and 3 slides for the presentation. This refutes the myth that the complex cannot be explained quickly and easily.
We are looking for:

  • Young geniuses, inventors, innovators;
  • The candidate must be the generator of the idea;
  • The candidate with Upper- Intermediate level of English
  • The candidate must have an idea, an operating prototype, a business model or a result of research on the topic of the report.

Selection criteria:
You have the right to apply if you are:

  • student;
  • participant who graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree, received no more than 10 years ago;
  • participant who graduated from university with a master’s degree, received no more than 7 years ago;
  • participant who graduated from university with a doctorate degree, received no more than 5 years ago;
  • scientific staff with a doctorate degree;
  • All disciplines are welcome, including: agriculture, medicine, natural sciences, economics and philosophy, liberal arts.

What is the Falling Walls Lab?

The Global scientific Conference” Falling Walls Lab” was founded on November 9, 2009 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the falling of the Berlin Wall  by leading scientists in Europe with the support of the German government in Berlin. The slogan of the conference is “Which walls will fall next?”. The ‘walls” were the challenges and problems that humanity faced with.

The Falling Walls conference takes place every autumn in Berlin. It is preceded by the regional conferences, so-called Falling Walls Lab, in different cities around the world. They play the role of the selection rounds where students, graduate student, candidates of sciences, entrepreneurs, young politicians, innovators in the sphere of art, design, programming and other applied specialties can present their ideas, present scientific concepts or propose  innovative solutions  to various problems.

Share your innovative idea on the Falling Walls Lab Kyiv 2016, receive a valuable prize and go to Berlin for the final of the competition!


  • The first stage of the scientific conference takes place in Kyiv;
  • The second – the winners will go to present their projects to Berlin.


The project is financed by the Klitschko Foundation and partners’ support.

Participation in the Falling Walls Lab project is free!