Easy2Start IT Career: Interview for PM guys

Hillel computer school

One of the most desirable profession for people who want to get into IT is the project manager. Kharkiv IT Cluster holds the third workshop of the Easy2Start IT Career series: Interview for PM guys.

To make important decisions, to organize fast and high-quality product creation, to provide a working atmosphere in the team, to coordinate and control the actions of developers is just a small list of super skills for PM. So if briefly, PM is a real super hero of our time.

We sincerely believe that the heroes are not born, but become. That is why on our workshop, Konstantine Meshkov, Sales Representative, Blockade Team NodeArt, ex-Director of Sales Web Studio Brander, an ex-CEO of the web studio PRIX, a person who knows all the clients, share his magical powers and answer all your questions. .

You will learn what knowledge and skills you need to possess in order to get into these “holy saints,” the team of the PM? How to find your first job as Junior PM? Can anyone be PM? And also, ask what you are interested in.

Therefore, we are waiting for you on November 22, from 18:00 to 21:00 at the Hillel computer school.
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