Django Girls Kharkiv #6

coaches and participants wanted

Ciklum Kharkiv 18-D, Otakara Yarosha St., Харьков

For the sixth time, a team of Python activists organizes free, one-day programming workshop targeted at women to introduce them to the world of coding and technology. The event will held on October 7 and now gives an open call for girls of all ages and professions as participators.

Last February we gathered nearly 40 women.More than 8 developers who work in Kharkiv IT companies, helped participants to build their very first blog and post it online. On the event, participants will receive a translated step-by-step tutorial developed by the activists of the Django Girls movement. It tells about the creation of the website from the beginning and before being posted online in plain language and even with humorous examples in the boot.

Read about past workshops here and here.

Django Girls is a non-profit organization and the workshop is free of charge. Last time we had more than 150 applications. Hurry up and register! Do not be lazy in the application to describe in detail the motivation to participate.

We still have some places available for coaches as well.  

Registration for coaches