Django girls

Lemon Hub, 122 Moskovskyi Ave

There is a common stereotype that developers are bearded guys wearing glasses and sweaters. Some people just say that writing code is a hard work girls cannot do. We are offering you to take part in a Django Girls Kharkiv event at Art Lemon School, Kharkiv, on the 9th of October, 2016, which will prove this wrong.

During 7-hours long intensive course you will learn the basics of Python code development using Django framework, create your first Django project and learn firsthand that writing code in Django is fun!

Any girl can write code and get paid good money for that.

Believe in your potential, write your first site and begin the path to a career of a successful and valuable developer!
Prove everyone – and yourself – that you are a confident and self-esteem person, able to compete with men in the IT industry on equal terms!