DevOps Days Kyiv brings development and operations together. Now from home!


This May we will have three days of online talks and discussions on DevOps Tech & Culture and how to build it.


💣 Top speakers from around the globe:

‎•‎ Kris Nova – Kubernetes pioneer and Chief Open Source Advocate at Sysdig.
‎•‎ Baruch Sadogursky – Developer Advocate at JFrog with 17 years of high-tech experience
‎•‎ Liz Fong-Jones – Principal Developer Advocate for SRE & Observability at
‎•‎ Niall Murphy – Director of Engineering for Azure Cloud Services at Microsoft
‎•‎ Kelsey Hightower – Staff Developer Advocate at Google


💬 We will run a live fireside chat with Kelsey Hightower.
A fireside chat is an informal yet structured interview between a moderator and a guest. It’s a unique opportunity to uncover the speaker’s personal stories and ideas.
It also goes by names like “Ask Me Anything” or “A Conversation With…”.


😎 Dedicated Zoom Room, where you can catch up with the community instead of hallway discussions.


When? May 14-16
Where? Online!


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⚙️ DevOps Days Kyiv is a community event focused on the DevOps Culture. This conference covering topics of software development, IT infrastructure operations, and the intersection between them.


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