DeepFakes Ecosystem


Are you interested in modern technologies? Are you keeping up with the times? Then it is high time in the right place!

We invite you to the workshop ” DeepFakes Ecosystem”

What shall we talk about?
AI’s ability to create content is of great interest to researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs.
In the workshop, we will look at the Python ecosystem, which allows you to generate realistic images, videos, texts and voices, as well as create visual, audio, text “DeepFakes”.

The workshop will be conducted by our colleague from Italy – Alex Honchar.
Practitioner with AI with more than 7 years of experience in this field.
Scientist, popular blogger, regular speaker at European conferences on artificial intelligence.
He is currently building an AI consulting center and helping companies individually create breakthrough AI solutions.

July 14 at 19.00

Workshop language:
Ukrainian or Russian


Don’t miss your chance!