Deadline. How to remain in demand in the race for success

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For cluster participants
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Psychological training with elements of training for athletes, businessmen, IT specialists and all those who strive for success.

The path to success is like a complex marathon: you need to gather, concentrate and put pressure on. But, if you feel that the tension at work is compensated by your health, the topic of this training is for you.

Proceeding from the idea that the days returned are not subject to return and exchange, we suggest to learn how to activate the energy saving mode.

During the training, participants will be able to answer the questions:

– Who are you: sprinter or stayer? The distribution of forces depending on the distance. How to properly use their strengths.

– Where do the forces and time go? Search for additional resources.

– How to ease tension? Maintaining balance in thoughts, feelings and reactions.

– How to take a loss. Recovery phase. How to properly work on the bugs.

As a result, you will receive:

– practical tools for overcoming the situation of tension and own reactions to it,

– experience of living different emotional states and powerful motivational charge

Duration: 6 academic hours

The training program includes a modern methodology of psychoanalytically oriented, cognitive-behavioral and bodily oriented psychology.



PART I “Interrelation of body and emotions: a single system “man”

Concepts: “character carapace”, “phantom pains”, “hysterical blindness”, psychosomatic diseases

Presentation. Discussion. Answers on questions.

Duration 90 minutes



PART II “Analysis of needs, opportunities and obstacles”

Practical exercises in groups. Discussion.

Duration 90 minutes


PART III “Additional resources: concept, classification, search for new opportunities”

Brainstorm. Practical exercises. Discussion.

Duration 90 minutes

Price: 450 UAH/person