D-Tech Space

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D-Tech Space is a two-day international conference that connects tech entrepreneurs, software experts and the decentralization community.


Get ready to meet 12 speakers from all over the world who will; share their ideas, experience and expertise in exponential technologies, innovative entrepreneurship, and disruptive business models that are already shaking up the market.


The conference will feature three main streams:



  • IGNITEFor Product Managers, Product Owners, BizDevs, BAs and Marketers

    We’ll speak on how decentralization is creating new business models, how you can use big data analytics for technology research and forecast, ways to bring new tech to market, and most importantly, how to successfully build and scale decentralized startups.






For Software Experts, Geeks and Code Gurus

We’ll host a solidity workshop, learn how to write ERC20 token, speak about Dapp development and will provide some insider info on top programming languages you should learn if you want to land a job in a disruptive startup.






For Tech Entrepreneurs, Visionaries and Hackers of the Future

We will also bring up global topics such as startup cities, startup societies,  industries of the future and transhumanism.


Apart from this, we are preparing Startup Expo that will feature 20 selected startups that are already shaking up the market using cutting-edge technologies:


  • Blockchain
  • VR/AR
  • 3D printing
  • AI
  • IoT
  • Drones
  • Robotics
  • Biohacking
  • Cybersecurity


We are also excited to announce that we’re preparing a whole myriad of networking activities: Virtual Reality Lounge, Biohacker’s Lab, Futuristic Afterparty with two electronic music bands, VIP CryptoDinner is just to name a few!


We firmly believe that when great people gather in one place, ideas start appearing and future starts happening. Which is why we’re committed to creating maximum opportunities for everyone to connect with the right people and make their most radical ideas come true!


You can find more information about the event at site. Registration is available here.


See you in Lviv on March 17th!


Our milestones:



  • HelloSugoi



We’re using blockchain powered event management system for ticket distribution to provide greater transparency, security, and efficiency in our event ticket life-cycle.



  • We accept cryptocurrencies



To support cryptocommunity, we accept money of the future and even more: everyone who pays for the ticket in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether or Karbo gets a 15% discount.



  • Agreement with IfWhenThen



To show our support for the decentralization of higher education, we’ve partnered with IfWhenThen platform. We will be giving away $20K’s worth of IF tokens to our attendees! Upon IfWhenThen platform’s launch, they’ll be able to use them to attend their favourite events, seminars and many more in the Balkans and Eastern Europe!



  • Chatbot



Our chatbot can guide you through the purchase of tickets with crypto:  there is a basic integration with Coinbase and Coinmarketcap. We also plan on making it open-source and expand to more wallets, exchanges, and coins to minimize the fees and allow instant in-bot crypto purchases in a more secure way.