Course IT-Security


Information technologies it is a sphere, which grows rapidly. Nowadays we can`t imagine our life without computers, notebooks, tablets, smart phones, Internet, social networks, different electronic services and so on. Life of advanced user is a permanent communication with informational systems. Do you think about other side of virtualization of our world? About new dangers that standing behind it? Definitely, everyone already have been DDOS attacked or attacked by other harmful kind of influence. It is very bad when big companies can`t do any counteraction against such attacks, cause damages of this cyber attacks could be extremely big. Especially when we talk about work of payment transactions, secret documents, personal data. It is very strange when in 21 century we can`t provide basic settings of confidentiality and work with safe systems. All solutions on these issues will give program IT-Security.

When you will listen to our courses and rich certificate, you will become an expert that won`t have any competitors!

Our advantages:

  • unique author`s courses;
  • our instructors – practice specialists;
  • crossdisciplinarity;
  • orientation on private and public spheres;
  • additional chances for employment;
  • co-certification with employers;
  • everyone could be a listener (basic law education isn`t necessary).

Content of ІТ-Security:

  1. Information security in the system of the National Security. Course that will give you systematical knowledge of informational security structure in the state will familiarize you with strategy of cyber security, special terminology, disclose main informational issues and methods of counteraction on this issues.
  2. Cybercrime and new crimes in informational sphere. Course will tell about new types of crimes that infringe on informational security, cybercrimes and methods of its disclosure and prevention.
  3. Digital forensics. Course dedicated for new electronic evidences, electronic expertise of information and telecommunication systems in criminal, civil and economic cases.
  4. IT and functional security. Course which will improve knowledge about different aspects of IT-Security: (information/ computer/ cybersecurity), functional security (safety/ cybersafety), and physical security which uses ІТ.
  5. Economic security and competitive intelligence. Will form practice skills of security system constructing in corporate structure of company, work with mail, systems of communication, will familiarize with categories of economic, financial security and competitive intelligence, security in user activity.
  6. Personnel security. Course will tell about relations between employers and employees (HR-managers, sysadmins, programmers, system analytics, etc), work with freelancers in IT sector, security of information related to them.

After IT-Security, you will achieve such skills:

  • Provide security of business and/or state structure;
  • usage of special software on the level of advanced user(TrueCrypt, Linux, Thunderbird, Cleaner, etc);
  • develop politics of informational security and provide it in ІТ and other business;
  • make competitive intelligence and secure information against unfair competition;
  • secure e-mail, telecommunications, different gadgets as in private life, as in corporate structure of company;
  • investigation of cyber crimes and carrying electronic evidences;
  • construction of petition for expertise of digital forensics;
  • protection of personal data in Internet, social networks, local systems and counter activity of them illegal spreading.

Our partners: Institute of Law, Technology and Innovation “ILTI”, Yaroslav the Vise NLU, National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”, law company “Kobrin and partners”, Association of Lawyers of Ukraine.

Our instructors: Yaroslav the Vise NLU, National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute”, law company “Kobrin and partners”, representatives of Security Service of Ukraine, experts of Kharkiv RI of forensic examination, AC “Institute of informational technologies”, Information Agency “Inform Bureau”.

Register before 17/10/2016.

Cost of participation: 9 950 UAH., for students – 5 550 UAH.

In complex IT-Security + IT-Law has a special price: 10 472 + 8955 = 19 427 UAH, for students – 5320 + 4995 = 10 315 UAH.