Contest of sites WEB AWARDS UA


About the contest:

The national Internet award WEB AWARDS UA for the best sites and mobile applications is held every year among developers and project owners.

The first time the site competition officially started on 15 January 2018.

Stages of the competition:

Sites and mobile applications are accepted for several months (winter – spring). In March, a popular vote for websites begins, in which anyone can take part, after which long lists are formed for each of the nominations. In May, an expert commission and jury members, leading web and mobile development professionals, as well as business representatives, begin the evaluation of works.

  • January 15 – March 15. Submission of works for the competition
  • March 16 – April 30. Popular vote
  • May 01 – May 09. Formation of the list of applicants in each nomination
  • May 10 – May 20. Voting expert committee and members of the jury.
  • May 20 – May 28. Announcement and official congratulation of the winners, the presentation of commemorative certificates.

According to the rules of the competition, all sites in Ukrainian and Russian, developed by Ukrainian developers (web studios), which are registered in Ukraine and have a complete look, can participate. Recall that a single developer or studio can submit an unlimited number of projects to the competition!

Is your site ready to compete with others? – then leave your application on the website, participate in the contest, become famous with us!

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Benefits of participation:

If you work in the field of creating unique Internet projects, you should definitely take part in the national Internet award WEB AWARDS UA. Why you should definitely test your strength?

  1. Informational. Participation in the contest and winning one of the nominations is an excellent informational occasion for your own publications in the media, social networks and on the corporate website.
  2. Image. Submission of works for the competition – will provide you with increased awareness among the professional community (jury members, participants in the popular vote, site visitors, awards ceremony, etc.).
  3. Media. The winners of the competition are listed in the press releases sent by the organizers, which means they are mentioned in the media.
  4. Reputation. Winning the competition is prestigious and allows not only to attract new customers, but also to justify the increase in the cost of services.
  5. Expert. You get a truly independent assessment of the quality of your work.
  6. Rating. Victory in the competition of sites are taken into account in the creativity rating of web studios. The more rewards you get, the higher the line occupied by the studio.
  7. Representative. Participation in the competition is a direct approach to customers: jury members, guests of the competition and those who are looking for a contractor who has received high marks from the professional community.
  8. Reference. When participating in the contest, you get an additional link from a reputable resource to the developer’s site.

It is worth noting that WEB AWARDS is not only a prestigious and popular Internet award, it is also a fairly large-scale event, which covers more than 800 experienced studios, 200 quality and worthy projects, 20 prestigious nominations and 25 best experts in the field of IT technologies.

Register for the contest, win and surprise everyone with your achievements!