Conference on Negotiations

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We invite you to attend the Conference on Negotiations in Kharkov on September 16. The conference brings together unique speakers, active people of action and innovative thinking, those creators of the new era and new values ​​that were not afraid to realize their dreams.

The conference is your chance to get:
NETWORKING. Success consists of many components, but one of the most important elements is your business contacts and your environment. At the Conference you will find business networking for entrepreneurs from different business areas. You will get acquainted with the right people, find your clients and business partners.
2. EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE AND IDEAS FROM ADVANCED SPEAKERS. Skills for personal development and business that work in any
situations and at any time. Tactics for promotion in
competitive world. This will help you to think outside the box and
will give impetus to innovative solutions.

Conferences are an impetus that stimulates action.

4. PRACTICE. You can read dozens of books or watch videos – it’s fine for your development, but such knowledge does not give an emotional charge to achieve your goals.
Energy is in those who change this world and they are ready with you
share. All you need is just to be there. You
feel the creative spirit that will
networking zones.

For whom the conference will be useful:
– For entrepreneurs who are interested in innovations in the field of negotiations and business;

– For managers of IT companies who understand that the price of negotiations is very high;

– For those who are looking for partners for their business;

– For those who want to reach a new level, and they lack negotiating skills or resolve to start their own business;

– For specialists whose working conditions and salary will depend on knowledge in the field of effective negotiations.

Why did we choose the topic of negotiations and what are the advantages of our format

Negotiation is a skill that directly affects the quality of our lives. Developing it, we develop our business and ourselves, build a career and strengthen relations in the family.

Our advantages:
At the conference you will get acquainted with high-level speakers
See different views on the negotiation process
Learn the latest trends in the field of negotiations
Comfortably communicate with like-minded people.

– 960 UAH until 31 August
– 1100 UAH until 15 September
– 1300 UAH per day of the event

For all questions, please call: 099 096 84 24, 068 640 31 12.
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You can endlessly seek your Path and represent your ideal life, but it is better to buy a ticket to the Conference on Negotiations and make the dream a reality.