Business Breakfast: Stock Options and equivalents Application in the IT business.

Fabrika Space (Blagovischenska St., 1, Kharkiv)
For cluster participants
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September 15, 2017 at 9:30 in the bar will host Business Breakfast: Application Stock Options and equivalents in the IT business.

One of the speakers at IT Legal Talk – Sergey Goshovsky, founder and partner of Hoshovsky Law Firm LLC, New York (USA) – will talk with breakfast participants on the topic of providing part of the company with partners, special customers, staff or equivalents of ownership (stock options, SAR- units, restricted stock / units, phantom stock / units etc.)
Questions for discussion:
– Types of ownership schemes for company shares by employees, partners, customers (stock options, SAR-units, restricted stock / units, phantom stock / units …)
– Characteristics of each type of scheme and application depending on the legal form of the company in the US
– Schema implementation algorithm
– The main provisions of contracts for the transfer of shares in the company or its cash equivalent

For whom: TOP-management of small and medium-sized IT companies, owners of IT business, lawyers of small and medium-sized IT companies

Date and time: August 15 9:30 – 11:30

The terms of participation:
for cluster members – free of charge
for participants IT Legal Talk – 50 UAH.
for other participants – 150 UAH.
Payment is made in cash at the event. Registration is required!

Important: The cost of participation does not include the cost of food and drinks. For meals and drinks each participant pays independently.