Break your limits Torsten Koerting’s workshop



At this ‘Total Immersion Day’ …

· You will break your personal limits and reach the next level within your career and your personal life

· You will leave your comfort zone and understand how you can become a giraffe amongst the zebras

· Torsten will tell his own true and personal stories, on how he became one of the best paragliding pilots, how he walked 350 kilometers self contained and how he crossed the Alps (160 km and 10.000 Meters ascend) as part of the Salomon 4 Trails Event in 4 days … and you will learn the same 3 strategies and concepts that changed his life, his way of learning and how he shaped and defined his destiny.

· You will learn 3 power tools to define and understand your own personal brand and how to be visible in todays noisy world and provide the value expected by your clients, peers and employer

· Go through a challenge that will make you understand how effective prototyping can and shall be and all this in a fun, engaging, energetic and inspiring environment.

Torsten Koerting’s core mission is to help people achieve the objectives and results relevant to them and offer support in taking the next step and reaching the next level. His passion is to facilitate strategic- and innovative-processes and help people develop and recognize their sustainable personal brand and stand out in today’s noisy world.

As a motivational and engaging speaker he inspired the conference participants as part of this years PMCon #3.

In his career he is at the core of project management, specializing in projects that are in crisis and an expert on challenging ‘Turnaround’ projects. He is the author of several books and an active speaker at many conferences. As a strategic thinker, visionary and management advisor, he also follows his personal pathways, like his family, paragliding, trail running, and long distance hiking. He is a well-known thought leader, and lecturer in MBA classes at global business schools.