BrandUp: Charge your brand

Location, Blagovischenska street, 1
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Wake up and visit BrandUp!

On September 23 at 10.00 in Fabrika Space we will pump our brands and corporate culture together with experienced Ukrainian and foreign experts! Tickets are already on sale

What is BrandUP?

This is an event where we will discuss teams, processes and working conditions, attracting professionals, engaging and retaining, values, leadership, corporate culture and brand building. Yes, all these important things that you often want, but there is nobody to discuss!

Why do I need BrandUP?

– to understand how to make employees happier;

– become part of a community of professionals who care about team members and put people above processes;

– get insights, applying which, make the life of the team healthier.

Our speakers:

– Valeria Lyalina, ex-Head of Events & PR department of Dev-Pro, Evangelist of Corporate Culture, San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Topic: Corporate culture, in which everyone wants to work.

As it is done in Silicon Valley companies.

– Asya Manina, Chief Brand Officer at Values Value, Kharkov, Ukraine

Subject: Employer Brand: Careful, construction work!

– Diamantis Citridis, Founder and Director, Citrine Media Agency, Athens, Greece

Theme: The need for strategy in Digital Marketing

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Time to charge!