Big Brain Club V

FABRIKA.SPACE, Blagovischenska 1 st.
For cluster participants
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Welcome to SEO Evening on January 31st – 3 reports on SEO promotion

You are welcome on the fifth meetup of Artjoker’s Big Brain Club devoted to SEO.

We’ll talk about promotion of large projects, scaling, lifehacks and trends.

Who might be interested: SEO specialists of any qualification level, and everyone who is as hot for the search engine optimization as we are.

The speakers are:

Olga Frolova (Chief Marketing Officer, Artjoker)

Topic: How not to fail SEO when scaling online-store. Practical suggestions.

Melikian Artyom (Team Lead of SEO Classifieds, Netpeak)

Topic: Promotion of large projects: how to start steadily but not be drowned within the shallow waters

Alexandr Ruban (Tech Lead of web-projects promotion at Promodo)

Topic: Unknown SEO

When: January 31st, we are starting at 6.30 pm.

Arrangement fee: 250 UAH

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